Afterschool Programming

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Currently we have an Afterschool Program operating within four of our Public Housing Communities (Southside, Leafcrest, Sunridge, and Dillehay) and Mixed-Income community (Seigle Point). Programming is currently offered at the following locations:

• Programming at Southside Homes is operated by Above and Beyond Students, Inc. (ABS) The program has a capacity to serve up to 80 youth grades K-8 during each school year. Programming is focused on homework assistance, tutoring in reading, math, End of Grade skills achievement, and parental involvement.

• Seigle Point Apartments, operated by Above and Beyond, has the capacity to serve up to 80 youth in grades K-8 with the same program focus areas.

• Dillehay Courts operated by The Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls Club has a capacity to serve up to 60 youth in grades 1-12 during the regular school year and during summer camp. Programming is focused on character development, leadership, education, career development, health, life skills, arts, athletics, and technology.

• Programming in Sunridge and Southside Homes is operated by YWCA Central Carolinas. They have a capacity to serve up to 30 youth in grades K-5 across each site for a total of 60 youth during the school year and summer camp. Programming is focused on increasing literacy skills, reading comprehension, and parental involvement. This is measured by utilization of the Accelerated Reader Program (AR). The overall goal is for each student to increase their AR reading level by four months.
Inlivians partners with the YWCA, Boys and Girls Club and Above & Beyond Students to provide afterschool and summer activities at 5 public housing sites.