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Family, Opportunity, Leadership, Community

Stronger Together


Charlotte remains one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and as more people move to Charlotte home values and rents get even higher, pricing out working families, seniors and veterans. INLIVIAN has evolved from a traditional housing authority to an entrepreneurial agency focused on solutions to help address Charlotte’s housing challenges. When we serve our communities, Charlotte becomes better. And when we succeed Charlotte becomes stronger. Our INLIVIAN, is your INLIVIAN.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

How choice created a new lease on life for a young mom

Querida Shelton and her family are thriving since entering the INLIVIAN’s Opportunity Housing Program with the support of her INLIVIAN Life Coach Ayanna Drake. Launched in 2019, INLIVIAN’s Opportunity Housing Program offers families with young children the ability to move into higher opportunity areas of Charlotte-Mecklenburg with lower crime rates, improved education, transportation, and employment choices.

Closing the Equity Gap is a Calling

“I can see myself doing this forever”

INLIVIAN’s ParentChild+ uses education to break the cycle of poverty for low-income families. We engage early in life and help toddlers, their parents, and their family childcare providers access a path to possibility. It isn’t as easy as ABC. It is hard work. It is crucial work. What gets us up each morning is the thought that for every child for whom we help level the playing field, the equity gap closes a bit more and the possibilities and opportunities expand. Meet Martie Bennett, INLIVIAN’s Parent Child Plus Coordinator, who believes she’s got the best job in the world.