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Housing for Everyone.

Information for New Landlords

If you’re interested in becoming an HCV Landlord call Kia Cauthen at 980-221-1705 or email her  for more information.
INLIVIAN’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs welcome partnerships with landlords in Charlotte and the surrounding area to assist families in need of housing that’s affordable.  INLIVIAN’s HCV Program allows low-income families to rent quality housing in the private market via federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through the HCV Program, INLIVIAN pays a portion of eligible families’ rent each month directly to the landlord. Families can use their vouchers to rent a house or apartment in the private market.
If you wish to rent to an HCV family, and enjoy a number of benefits including lower vacancy rates, tenant stability, and free property inspections, you should inform INLIVIAN of the availability of your property.  Ultimately, it is the HCV family’s decision whether or not to rent your property. Of course, as the landlord, you would screen the HCV family just as you would any other prospective tenant.  The following steps summarize the process to become an HCV landlord:
  1. Attend a Landlord Briefing
  2. Market your property once HCV participant is selected
  3. Complete and submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA)
  4. Pass Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection
  5. Execute lease and Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract
  6. Comply HUD and INLIVIAN’s rules and regulations (enforce lease)

If you’re interested in becoming an HCV Landlord call Kia Cauthen at 980-221-1705 or email her  for more information.

Payment Standards 

Rent Increases

What You Can Expect When Partnering with Us

Average turnaround time for an initial inspection

7 days (decreased from an average of 12 days -HUD requirement within 15 days)

Re-inspections after a failed inspection

Self-certifications may be submitted for non-health and safety issues for failed biennial inspection discrepancies

Contracting after a failed initial inspection

INLIVIAN will contract a unit if the initial inspection has 10 or less deficiencies that are non-life threatening upon the failed inspection. Deficiencies need to be corrected within 30 days

Rental Increases

2%- 10% based on payment standard (was only 2%)  Rent Increases

Average time to receive subsidy payments

Housing Assistance Payment deposits now performed weekly (was 2 times per month)

Housing Provider Incentive Program

Implementing a Housing Provider Incentive Program to include sign-on bonuses, vacancy assistance and risk mitigation funds.

Housing Provider Contact

Added a staff position dedicated as a liaison for INLIVIAN providers

Key Contacts

Kia Cauthen
Housing Provider Outreach Specialist