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The ParentChild+ Program

The ParentChild+ (PC+) program is an evidenced based model that prepares two and three year old children (can be as young as 16 months) for school success by increasing language and literacy skills, enhancing social-emotional development, and strengthening the parent-child relationship.  PC+ emphasizes three main principles: increasing verbal and non-verbal interaction between the parent and the child, developing and enhancing positive child behaviors, and promoting early literacy skills.

The PC+ model is delivered in the homes of participants. Services are provided to parent-child dyads through twice-weekly home visits of 30 minutes each.  Each week a gift of a book or educational toy is given to the family, creating a permanent home-library for the family. During the home visit, parent-child dyads are involved in reading, play activities, quality verbal interaction, and developmentally-appropriate tasks with the assistance of an Early Learning Specialists or PC+ Coordinator.

The PC+ program impact:

  • ParentChild+ graduates are 50% more likely to be prepared for kindergarten than their socio-economic peers.
  • ParentChild+ graduates enter school performing 10 months above their chronological age.
  • ParentChild+ graduates scored 2.5 times higher on social-emotional skills than their peers.
  • ParentChild+ graduates are 50% less likely to need special education services by third grade.

The program is available to INLIVIAN families and is a free program.  For more information or to enroll contact Martie Bennett, Parent Child Plus Program Coordinator 704.336.4341 or

You can learn more about CORE by going to their website

Key Contacts

Martie Bennett
ParentChild+ Program Manager