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Our programs assist more than 1,300 households in the region.

Our Client Services department focuses on assessing the needs of our residents and coordinating enriching, resident-focused programs that assist and encourage residents along the path to achieving economic and social independence.

These programs, which are provided through contracted service providers and our in-house case management staff, assist more than 1,300 households in the county.

All our residents are welcome to visit our offices on East Boulevard to enroll in the many services available to help identify and overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. These services are offered to public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher participants at no charge.

The following programs are available to our residents. We encourage you to read about the programs offered at INLIVIAN and review the eligibility requirements for each.

Afterschool Programming

Currently we have an Afterschool Program operating within four of our Public Housing Communities (Southside, Leafcrest, Sunridge, and Dillehay) and Mixed-Income community (Seigle Point).


Greater Steps Scholars

Greater Steps Scholars was established on November 7, 1983 by INLIVIAN Board of Commissioners and founded by former INLIVIAN Youth Services Coordinator John T Crawford. Dr. Crawford raised $64,990 to start the fund with a team of almost two-dozen community leaders and representatives. Later, it was established as an endowment fund with the Foundation For The Carolinas, in a working partnership with INLIVIAN.


The ParentChild+ (PC+) program

Currently we have an Afterschool Program operating within four of our Public Housing Communities (Southside, Leafcrest, Sunridge, and Dillehay) and Mixed-Income community (Seigle Point).


Senior/Disabled Services

The Client Services Department provides oversight and management to the Senior and Disabled Services Coordinator program. The purpose is to provide for the provision of Service Coordinators who coordinate supportive services and other activities for our senior (62 years of age or older) and disabled customers (HUD/SS definition).


Residents Advisory Council

The Residents Advisory Council (RAC) serves as the advisory body for all residents living in assisted housing and is composed of all presidents from resident organizations in our communities. This group encourages residents to participate in all aspects of community life and serves as a liaison to INLIVIAN staff and Commissioners in keeping them aware of problems, concerns and needs of our residents.


Family Self-Sufficiency

The purpose of our Family Self-Sufficiency program (FSS) is to provide an opportunity for families to achieve economic independence by providing training and housing to enrolled participants. Ultimately it’s to help individuals get on their feet and out of subsidized housing.  


Soul of a Champion

So what’s your child’s favorite sport? Do you want to play basketball, karate, football, tennis or track?  Do you need help with paying for your uniform? Are there fees stopping you from becoming the Champion we know you are?

The Soul of a Champion sports scholarship provides youth residing within INLIVIAN housing communities and the Housing Choice Voucher Program with an opportunity to play the sport of their dreams.


Youth Services

Client Services provides oversight and coordination of the CHA Scholarship Program (CHASF). This is handled by our Youth Outreach Specialist. The purpose of CHASF is to provide scholarships to public housing residents owned or managed by INLIVIAN and individuals who reside in Housing Choice Voucher housing, who desire to continue their education beyond the secondary school level.


Monica Nathan
Senior Vice President of Program Operations

Chris Campbell
Senior Vice President of Community Partnerships

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