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Work Requirements

INLIVIAN’s Work Requirements

Our goal at INLIVIAN is to support families in their efforts to move toward self-sufficiency. Many of our residents have participated in our Family Self-Sufficiency, Destination Homeownership, Jobs Plus, and Moving Forward programs that have led to new careers, increased incomes, and homeownership. INLIVIAN wants the same for you and your family.

While INLIVIAN’s focus is housing, our goal is for families to become as financially stable as possible. We are invested in your success and helping you reach your fullest potential by creating pathways to financial independence. Under the work requirement all residents under the age of 62, that are not disabled, are expected to work, or have a work-related activity, for at least 20 hours per week or an earned annual wage of $7,540 or more.

If your household is currently not working and would like to learn more about services and programs that can assist you, please contact CORE at to get connected with a Life Coach.

  • In the subject line, please enter the property name (e.g., Claremont) if you are a resident of Blue Horizon Management Company (BHMC) properties.


  • In the subject line, please enter HCV if you are in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Our Life Coaches can assist you with enrolling in CORE Programs which will support you with employment, training, and educational opportunities. If you have general questions about the work requirement, please contact our Customer Call Center at (704) 336-5183. They will be available to speak with you and ensure you are connected to the appropriate staff person.

Please carefully review the work requirement and sanctions listed below. There will be additional communication shared with households who are not meeting the requirement by July 1, 2024.


INLIVIAN believes it is essential to create a clear expectation that all tenants who are non-elderly and non-disabled should work. To this end, INLIVIAN has established a Work Requirement Policy that is to be fulfilled by residents under the age of 62 that are not disabled. The policy requires that you must work or actively be involved in a work-related activity.

The requirements/sanctions are:

  • The Head of Households are expected to work at least 20 hours per week or an equivalent of $7,540 or more of earned wages.
  • The Head of Households are given a 6 month “Waiver/ “Introductory period” at move-in to achieve work or engage in a work-related activity and will not be sanctioned during this period.
  • If the Head of Household has not met the work requirement following the introductory period, the household will be given a “Warning/Improvement Period” for three months (90 days).
  • If the Head of Household does not meet the work requirement by the end of the “Warning/Improvement Period”, they will enter the “Sanction Phase I”. In the Sanction Phase I, the household will receive an annual income amount equal to minimum wage x 20 hours per week, which will generally increase the tenant’s portion of the rent.
  • After the Sanction Phase I, the Head of Household will enter the Sanction Phase II – in which the household will lose 100% of their housing assistance for up to 180 days (6 months) and will be required to pay the established contract rent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work requirement?

The work requirement is a policy under which all able-bodied households will be expected to maintain employment with a minimum of 20 hours per week equivalent to $7,540 per year.

If I am going to school, do I have to follow the work requirement policy?

Yes. You will have to meet the work requirement. You are required to seek employment, provide job search logs and meet with your Life Coach weekly. You must work a minimum of 20 hours per week equivalent to $7,540 per year while enrolled in school.

If I am not working, will I have to move?

No. If you are not employed, you can work with a Life Coach. You will have the opportunity to go through an assessment to help you determine what services can help you gain employment.

If I am not working by the end of the 6-month introductory period, will I have to move?

No, you will move to Phase I Sanction where your rent will increase.

If I am doing volunteer services, and it equals 20 hours a week, will I meet the work requirement?

No. You must show good faith to find work for a minimum of 20 hours a week equivalent to $7,540 per year.

If I am currently in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program, does the work requirement apply to me?

Yes. The Work Requirement applies to all able-bodied households regardless of FSS participation.

How long will the work requirement last?

The work requirement is an INLIVIAN policy and will be enforced indefinitely.

What kinds of services can I receive to assist with work requirement compliance?

A Life Coach can complete an assessment and link you to community resources. A Life Coach can also assist you with getting connected and enrolled in job trainings, and employment opportunities.

I have older children in my household that are enrolled in College/University (away or local) will they be required to meet the work requirement?

No, however anyone in the household over the age of 18 with qualifying income can count towards work requirement compliance.

If I receive disability does the work requirement apply to me?

No. The work requirement applies to able-bodied individuals.

Is there any childcare credit to help assist with before and after school?

No, however your Life Coach will have information on community resources that can assist you with childcare.

If I am currently in the process of getting disability, will I be required to work?

Yes, until you have documentation from a provider that confirms your inability to work. This will be addressed via a temporary suspension from the work requirement. There will be a form and required documentation needed.

If I lose my job, how long do I have before the work requirement goes in effect?

If you lose your job, you will go into the 90-day Improvement Period.


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