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Moving To Work (MTW)

Download the Proposed 2023 MTW Plan

INLIVIAN is fortunate to be a designated Moving to Work (MTW) agency. MTW is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) demonstration program which allows for INLIVIAN to design and test innovative, locally informed housing and self-sufficiency initiatives. The MTW program allows INLIVIAN to waive certain federal statutes and HUD regulations in order to increase housing choice for low-income families, encourage households to advance self-sufficiency goals, and improve the agency’s operational effectiveness. INLIVIAN’s participation in the MTW program allows the agency to test new methods to improve housing services and to better meet local demands facing Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. INLIVIAN has been an MTW agency since 2007. Each year, INLIVIAN engages residents about plan features and subsequently adopts an annual plan that describes activities for the following year. At the end of the year, the agency prepares a report describing these accomplishments.

Since beginning of the agency’s MTW participation, INLIVIAN has implemented many MTW activities to meet the demonstration’s three statutory goals: achieving cost effectiveness, increasing housing options, and encouraging families to become self-sufficient. These include activities to facilitate the acquisition and construction of affordable units, assist Housing Choice Voucher clients to become homeowners, incentivize local housing providers participation of the agency’s Housing Choice Voucher program, modify how INLIVIAN calculates clients’ rents and how often their incomes are recertified, and implement a work requirement for work-able households.

As part of developing the MTW Plan and an MTW program that is responsive to community needs, INLIVIAN provides opportunities for public review and comment. Please regularly check this MTW page for updates and amendments to the agency’s MTW Annual Plan. Additional inquiries can be sent to MTW staff at MTW@INLIVIAN.COM. We look forward to your feedback and involvement in ensuring INLIVIAN’s MTW endeavors, to the extent possible, match the need of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

Approved Annual Plans/Reports, and Proposed Amendments

Instead of the standard annual plan and report most public housing authorities are required to to submit to HUD, MTW agencies like INLIVIAN file an MTW Annual Plan and MTW Annual Report, (in a format prescribed by HUD).

Proposed MTW Activities and amendments to the agency’s MTW Annual Plan are introduced throughout the year for public comment and board approval. For details on newly proposed MTW Activities, or any additional amendments to the agency’s approved annual plan, follow this page for updates, along with our social media on how to comment and stay involved.

MTW Public Hearing Notices

MTW Annual Calendar

  • INLIVIAN distributes and publishes notice of when the plan would be available, upcoming meeting dates, and how to comment.
  • The MTW Annual Plan Draft is made available for public viewing.
  • Informational sessions held at various INLIVIAN communities and presented to INLIVIAN’s Resident Advisory Council and INLIVIAN Board of Commissioners’ Community Relations Committee.
  • Informational sessions held at various INLIVIAN communities and presented to INLIVIAN’s Resident Advisory Council and INLIVIAN Board of Commissioners’ Community Relations Committee.
  • MTW Annual Plan Public hearing. The public hearing will be held at INLIVIAN’s Main Office location at 400 East Boulevard, in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood. The public hearing will take place at 5:30. Further details on how to participate will be made public in July.
  • Deadline for INLIVIAN to receive public comment on the draft MTW Annual Plan and opportunity to speak at the MTW Planning Public Hearing on the matter.
  • INLIVIAN Board of Commissioner’s final consideration and approval.
  • Approved MTW Annual Plan due to HUD.
  • MTW Annual Report due to HUD.

Key Contacts

Timica Melvin
Senior Vice President Policy and Strategic Initiatives, MTW