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A New Day at Little Rock

Strengthening Community Bonds

INLIVIAN hosted the Little Rock Apartments Spring Fest to foster a stronger connection with the residents. Before INLIVIAN’s property management company, Blue Horizon Management Company (BHMC), took over, Little Rock Apartments faced significant challenges, including a lack of resources and safety concerns. Spring Fest is part of INLIVIAN’s commitment to improving the community and building a positive, supportive relationship with the residents, aiming to create a safer and more resourceful living environment.

INLIVIAN is also changing Little Rock’s current Section 8 vouchers, which are managed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, into a more robust Section 8 voucher managed by INLIVIAN. The new voucher will let residents of Little Rock get helpful services like childcare, education, transportation, and job training, among many others. These services aim to make the community healthier and help residents create a better future for themselves and their families.

From Teacher to Homeowner

Lomani Anthony’s Journey


Lomani Anthony, a dedicated teacher, achieved her dream of homeownership and changed the course of her family forever with the assistance of CORE’s Destination Homeownership Program. Destination Homeownership gives important support and resources to help families buy their first home. Owning a home helps families build wealth and create a lasting legacy.

More Than What You See

Preserving Space for Working Families at Hampton Creste

Meet Tawana Ross, the property manager of Hampton Creste, who shares INLIVIAN’s strategies for preserving a space for working families amid the evolving community dynamics aimed at attracting more affluent residents.