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Family, Opportunity, Leadership, Community

The Fabric of the Queen City

Connecting the Threads That Bind Our Community

In the heart of Charlotte, where the city skyline meets the streets, lies a hidden struggle. Our seniors, our veterans, and families fighting for a better life are the threads that weave the beautiful fabric of the Queen City. Soaring expenses leave them caught in a cycle of uncertainty. We are INLIVIAN, where affordability and stability meet. We provide homes and services for the hardworking families of Charlotte to live work and thrive. We’re here to build futures, one family at a time. Our INLIVIAN is Your INLIVIAN.

Unveiling the Flavorful Reign

The Rise of Chef Jo and G.R.I.T.S CLT

Chef Jo, the culinary Queen behind G.R.I.T.S CLT (Girls Raised in the South), is making her mark on the Charlotte with her unique blend of Southern flavors infused with Caribbean, Creole, Spanish, and African cuisines. Her passion for food and her entrepreneurial spirit shines through in every dish she creates.

As Chef Jo is not just crafting delicious meals; she’s also building a thriving business with the support of INLIVIAN.  Watch as Chef Jo shares how she is turning her dreams of entrepreneurship into reality.

Building Dreams and Bridging Gaps

She Built the City with INLIVIAN

INLIV IAN had the pleasure of hosting She Built This City’s (SBTC) Community Build Day.  Their goal, to teach skilled trades for youth, women, and marginalized communities.  The fun day was action packed and opened the eyes these to these young people about career opportunities in traditionally male dominated industries.