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Public Notices

Public Hearing Notice: January 17,2022


PURPOSE: This is a notice of a public hearing and comment period for proposed
changes to the INLIVIAN Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Administrative Plan. The hearing will
be conducted by the INLIVIAN Board of Commissioners.

DATE: January 17, 2023

TIME: 5:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Phone and web-based meeting platform

The public comment period will begin Wednesday, December 15th, and conclude Thursday,
January 17th with a public hearing. If you have comments or questions on the proposed
changes to the plan, please contact Timica Melvin at
To inquire how to access the public hearing via telephone or web-based platform or to sign up
to speak during the public hearing for three minutes, please contact Stacy Bridges at 704-336-

To access a summary of changes on-line, visit the INLIVIAN website at
under Housing Choice Voucher:
REASONABLE ACCOMODATION REQUESTS: INLIVIAN is committed to providing equal access to
this event for all participants and residents with disabilities. If you need a reasonable
accommodation or sign language interpreter service, please contact our ADA/504/Language
Department at 704-336-8413 to initiate a request. Please allow at least three (3) business days
to make the necessary arrangements. If you need a foreign language translator, please contact
our ADA/504/Language Department at 704-336-8413. Please allow at least five (5) business
days to make the necessary arrangements.

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