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Source of Income Discrimination (SOID):

A Call to Action

Although local meetings on SOID among local leaders and advocates in housing, civil rights, and social services began in October of 2019, the need to address Source of Income as a protected class in Charlotte’s fair housing law has never been more urgent in light of COVID-19 economic impacts. As city and regional governments respond to housing needs brought on by COVID-19, we must recognize that ensuring safe and decent housing for our most vulnerable is the most crucial element in maintaining household health.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are glad you asked!

Just as the list of supporting community organizations that lead in affordable housing, civil rights, and social services grows, so too does the list of individual signatories throughout the city of Charlotte.  Currently, more than 1,100  from all corners of the city.  Please read and sign our letter addressed to the Charlotte City Council urging them to support the protection of renters who use non-wage payments for rent!


To read and sign-on to the letter, Click Here