How to Apply

How to Apply For Housing

When applying to your community choices, you have two options. Option 1) complete a PDF application by selecting all of communities you would like to apply for, enter in the appropriate bedroom size in the upper right hand corner, fill out the application completely, and sign/date forms where indicated. Download the completed application and either mail or email as indicated below. To complete the application on your mobile device, please download the free Adobe Reader App: Android or iOS

Search for apartments or houses that fit in your housing type, program and have an open wait list.

Apply to your community choices by going to our Applicant Portal

You may mail applications to:

PBV Waiting List
400 East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203

You may email applications to:

Once your application is near the top (or if the property does not have a wait list), the property staff will send a letter requesting all adult household members to come in for a preliminary interview.

The property will perform a rental, criminal and credit check as well as verify the information provided regarding your income and assets.

For properties that offer “Self-Sufficiency” programs, you will be asked to complete additional screening which may include an assessment.

The property staff will notify you of the results and if approved your estimated rent and security deposit amount.

When a unit becomes available, the property staff will notify eligible households of the unit availability.

** Please note if the information previously provided is more than 60 days old, it will need to be verified again (and if it has changed, it may disqualify the household).


Submit a deposit.

To be eligible for income based housing, your income must be below certain income limits. You must also meet other qualifications. Income limits for income based housing and vouchers are set by the government and change every year. Income limits for Mixed-Income & Workforce Housing vary from development to development.