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Family, Opportunity, Leadership, Community

A Home of Her Own

Finding joy after the struggle

Meet Chloe-Olivia Gloston a singer, songwriter, anti-bullying advocate, and graduate of Queen’s Grant High School. The scholar who is on track to graduate early, and been accepted to college, saw her grades plummet from mostly As and Bs to mostly Fs. Through faith, hard work and stable housing she has found beauty in the ashes.

Moving Forward as a Family

How one family’s relocation ushers in new energy

Robert Gaddy and his family have lived in the Dillehay Court apartments for several years. After relocating to a new community, part of Dillehay’s redevelopment plan, Gaddy reflects on the excitement he has for the next chapter of his family’s life.

What’s Next for Dillehay Court

Get the first look of how this community will be transformed

In the fastest gentrifying zip code in Charlotte, INLIVIAN is creating inclusive and sustainable housing where people with diverse incomes live, work, and play together.