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Participant Eligibility

Applicants must meet several criteria to be eligible for assistance:
• Income Limits Requirement: The Applicant household or individual must meet income requirements which are published and updated annually by HUD.
• At least one household member must be a United States citizen or an eligible immigrant.
• Each household must have a Social Security Number or be able to verify that one has been applied for.
• Meet AH’s criminal background screening criteria.
• Comply with AH’s Work/Program Participation Requirement.
Work / Program Participation Requirement
As a condition of receiving the housing subsidy, some of our properties require households to meet the Work/Program Requirement where:
• One non-elderly (18 to 61 years old), non-disabled adult household member must maintain continuous full-time employment (at least 20 hours per week)
• All other non-elderly, non-disabled household members must also maintain employment with a minimum of 20 hours per week or participate in a combination of school, job-training and/or part-time employment for a minimum of 20 hours per week.
FSS Program Participation
As a condition of receiving the housing subsidy, some of our properties require FSS Program participation where:
Have LEKEISTA/TOMICO help with wording here.
AH may review a household’s eligibility for continued participation in its programs through a process called “Recertification.” During the recertification process, AH does one or more of the following activities to confirm that the participant continues to meet AH eligibility requirements:
• Income review, verification, and calculation
• Determination of Work/Program Participation requirement compliance status
• Confirmation of household composition to determine the appropriate voucher size
• Recalculation of income and deductions to determine the Total Tenant Payment (TTP)
• Must adhere to AH’s Family Obligations
Recertification cycles occur biennially or triennially based on each household’s Work/Program Participation compliance status.