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Tavoris Geter, PBV Specialist

“I love working for Inlivian, because what we do is very important; especially, during the current housing crisis facing Charlotte. I love that we assist families with securing affordable living and providing resources that enable the residents to become independent citizens. Beyond the services we provide to our residents, I really love my coworkers. We work together as a team to provide essential services to the community.”

Lasheda Grady, Case Manager

“I love working at Inlivian because the company has been a vessel in allowing me to assist individuals in turning life goals and dreams into a reality. My life purpose is to aide and help individuals to self-sufficiency, but also help them realize the endless possibilities they have, which I do daily. I also love working at Inlivian because, it is not just a career; it is my passion and mission to serve, empower, and elevate individuals to their full potential. Lastly, I mostly love working at Inlivian because the staff is a true family of compassionate like-minded people.”

Domingo “Denny” Castro, Maintenance Supervisor

“I love working at Inlivian because on the first day everyone welcomed me with open arms. I love what I do,helping people makes me happy like they help me too.. that’s why I like working at Inlivian because we are a team.”

Dawn Cuffie, Case Manager

“Looking back on my years at INLIVIAN, I have grown so much through mentoring offered by my coworkers, professional development opportunities and the overall family atmosphere and culture that is INLIVIAN. I look forward to continuing my professional career with INLIVIAN.”

Chris Campbell, SVP Community Partnerships

“I love working at INLIVIAN because for the past 12 years this company has allowed me to live my motto, Everyone can be great because everyone can serve. The ability to have an impact on the community in which I live, continues to be an extremely rewarding experience and one I don’t take for granted. In addition, I have the opportunity to developed meaningful relationships with amazing people that extend beyond the workplace.”

Tiara Vinson, Parent Child Plus Early Learning Coordinator

“Establishing professional relationships and self-reflection. The common value that I share with those I work with every day is profound. We are a community that serve communities. Selflessly, we use our unique skills, knowledge and talents to assess one’s quality of life. The collaboration doesn’t stop there! Through self-awareness, I emerge as an authentic being. Delivering the message to others that they are whole, capable, resourceful and creative.”

Josie Santiago, Property Manager at Cedar Knoll and Tarlton Hills

“Looking back on my years at INLIVIAN, I have grown so much through this thing we call life. Every day I look at who I am as a person and who I want to be. What are my strengths? What do I stand for? What is my vision? Dare to dream big and be the best version of yourself you are stronger than you think have courage and reach for the stars.”

Ryan Grace, Youth Services Program Coordinator

“I love working at INLIVIAN because I have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the youth that I serve through the programs that we provide. It is rewarding to see the youth engage in our programs and benefit from them. I also love working at INLIVIAN because of the amount of support I receive from my supervisors and peers in my attempts to create new fun and exciting activities and programs for our youth. These are a few of the many reasons why I love working for INLIVIAN.“

Timica Melvin, SVP Housing Choice Voucher

“Looking back on my eleven years at INLIVIAN, I have grown so much through professional development, team work, and career advancement. The Leadership Team at INLIVIAN has been intentional in engaging employees and encouraging them to participate in professional development activities that help you gain a better understanding of your personal thinking styles, behavioral traits, and career interests.

The team work environment at INLIVIAN has also helped me to grow by recognizing the importance of collaboration with both internal and external partners in order to design and implement holistic strategies that address local housing needs for the families we serve.
Moreover, I have been fortunate to be able to advance my career at INLIVIAN to Senior Vice President by gaining experience in various positions that have helped me expand my knowledge of the affordable housing industry and develop my leadership skills.”